Turn Manjaro into multimedia streaming server with Plex Media Server

Tweak your Manjaro performance and usability with Plex Media Server. Plex Media Server is a free, rich features multimedia application that can turn your Linux box into a powerful multimedia streaming server. This tutorial is going to show you how to install and configure Plex Media Server on Manjaro 17.0 series. PMS is available on AUR repository so we need to make sure that AUR repository is enabled on Manjaro.

By having Plex Media Server on your network you can play your favorite collections from any devices such as PC, Laptop, Smartphone (Android or iOS), PS4 and some other supported devices. On some countries, you can also integrate and play your online Televisions on Plex.

Installing Plex Media Server on Manjaro is very easy. Simply follow these steps below to get started.

Install Plex Media Server on Manjaro

Step 1. Open Add/Remove Software
Step 2. Type plex media server on the search box

install plex on manjaro

Click AUR and then mark plex media server from the list. Press Apply to start the installation. You will be asked to enter the root password to continue. This process will take some times and will download about 100 MB of files from the internet.

Once finished open a web browser and type Manjaro IP address with the following format:


The Plex Media Server web interface will open up. Now sign in to Plex. You may need to create free Plex account if you don't have it already.

plex sign in

Once signed in, we need to configure some stuffs

plex server setup

Add you media library to Plex.

plex add media

Once finished, you will see the Plex dashboard where you can see, manage and play your media.

plex dashboard

How to connect to OpenVPN Server on Manjaro 17.0

This tutorial will show you how to connect to OpenVPN Server from Manjaro 17.0. I will connect to my existing OpenVPN Server installed on Debian 9 Server. If you build your own OpenVPN Server, make sure you download the .ovpn configuration file. This file will be used by the client to connect to the server automatically.

I assume you have a working OpenVPN Server and also you have .ovpn config file on hands. Next we can start configure Manjaro. Open Network, and the follow these steps shown below.

openvpn on manjaro[4]

Once connected, you can test or check your IP address via http://whatismyip.com. Your new IP address will be changed to the OpenVPN Server IP address.

I hope that helps and cheers.

Manjaro 17.0.2 Installation Tutorial

The new version of Manjaro 17.0.2 is now available for download. Today, I will show you how to install Manjaro 17.0.2 on our system. I choose the Manrao 17.0.2 GNOME on this tutorial. Manjaro 17.0.2 brings a lot of improvements. You can read my review of this new Manjaro 17.0.2 before deciding to install it.
Installing Manjaro Linux is very easy. The Calamares GUI installer is very helpful and informative. Anyone can install Manjaro in few steps.

Manjaro 17.0.2 Installation Steps

Step 1. Boot the computer

On the first boot screen, you may change the default language and some other settings.

Step 2. Open the installer

Step 3. Select Installation Language

Step 4. Select location

At this point, we need to select our location from the map. Also we can change the system language and locale.  

Step 5. Select Keyboard Layout

Step 6. Installation method

Select the installation method and disk partitioning. You may use the default disk layout or create manually.  

Step 7. Create new user

Step 8. Installation Summary

Step 9. The install process

The installation process should now begin. It takes some times to complete.

Step 10. Reboot Manjaro

Once the installation has been completed, reboot your computer and enjoy Manjaro 17.0.2