Gstreamer update error, Could not satisty dependency Libsoup package

I am having issues with my Manjaro Budgie update process. Everytime I execute the update process, I always got the following errors:
Could not satisfy dependencies:gstreamer0.10-good-plugins: installing libsoup (2.58.1-1) breaks dependency libsoup-gnome
I am not sure why I always got this error everytime I want to update my Manjaro. As a fix, I remove the gstreamer0.10 since this package seems to be obsolete.

With this workaround my update is now works again. If you have the same issue with this, I think you should remove the gstreamer0.10 package before updating your Manjaro.

Install Cockpit, Web Based Administration Tool on Manjaro 17.0

Cockpit is a great web based management tool to manage Linux servers. It has many features to monitor your server, configure the storage, network and many others. This tutorial will show you how to install Cockpit on Manjaro 16.10. Other user with different Manjaro version can try this method as well. Cockpit now become a default package on Fedora 25 and newer. 
Before we go through here are some screenshots of Cockpit, The Web Based Administration Tool on Manjaro

I understand that most desktop users do not need to install Cockpit on their system. But, in case of you want to turn your Manjaro into your personal server or you just want to play around with it, you may consider installing Cockpit on your Manjaro.

Steps to install Cockpit on Manjaro 17.0

Step 1. Enable AUR Repository

Since Cockpit package is available on AUR repository, we need to enable it first. Please read this post in order to enable AUR repository on Manjaro.

Step 2. Install Cockpit

You can either install it via Pamac Software Manager or simply use the following command to install Cockpit. Please make sure you watch the Manjaro screen since this installation steps will ask your confirmation few times.
yaourt -S cockpit
Once finished, you can access Cockpit web dashboard using a web browser. Type your Manjaro IP address with the following format
Thanks for reading.