Install Google Chrome 47 on Manjaro 15.12

Manjaro 15.12 KDE edition comes with QupZilla version 1.8.9. I cannot use this QupZilla for any longer. I need something more powerful and I think Google Chrome is a good start. QupZilla is fine but many websites and flash enabled content cannot be displayed correctly even I had installed Flash Plugin on my Manjaro 15.12.

If you want to install Google Chrome on Manjaro 15.12, first you will need to install yaourt. 
sudo pacman -S yaourt
Next, we can install Google Chrome using yaourt. Do this command below as a user (non root).
yaourt google-chrome
Type 1 to select the stable version of Google Chrome. You can also select other version such as Beta or development version as well. Next, you will need to confirm the installation several times.
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