How to install Flash Plugin on Manjaro 15.12

I have installed Manjaro 15.12 KDE minimal which means only few applications included to save the ISO size. As a result, I have to install many applications by hands. But thats not a big problem. Manjaro 15.12 comes with Octopi, a simple application manager. 
After I install Manjaro 15.12, second thing I do after adding some extra repositories and install yaourt, I installed flash plugin. Its an important package that I need to install on my Manjaro 15.12. To install flash plugin on Manjaro 15.12, please follow these steps. 
A. Open Octopi
B. Type flash on the search box
Next, right click on flashplugin and select install. Press Commit button to continue. 
Click Yes to confirm the installation. Next enter the root password. After this, Manjaro will download files to install flash plugin. 
Wait until the installation process is finished. When done, you will see something like mine below.
 Now flash plugin is installed. Thanks for reading how to install flash plugin on Manjaro 15.12.